#StaySafeJam – 32 Hours remain

I have to say I don’t ever regret picking up Godot Engine. There has been quite some Progress made. Let me show you.

The Story

Yes, this kind of does have a story now! Well, it needed SOME form of story in order for the talk mechanic to make any sense. It still is kept to a small scope though I my head is running wild with ideas that could be included, but ultimately there will not be enough time for a lot of it. Here’s how it goes:

You are a young, but detemined lord in a land named mysteria. In Mysteria, there has been war raging about between two lords. And you know what this land could use? That’s right, some solidarity. That’s why you’ll be making your way to the other three lords to form a peace treaty. For that, you must convince them that peace, maybe even an alliance, is in their best interest. And if you can’t convince them with words they might want a duel. Then you have to fight for your beliefs and your allies.

As mentioned there are three lords:

  • a rather peaceful one that avoids fighting
  • the lord of a trading nation, that seeks the most profitable way for him and his nation, even if that does mean he has to fight
  • a very aggressive lord that would fight the world if he needs to, although that might be too much hassle for him, but he has no problem fighting lords one-by-one. Might have a little god complex

That’s the people you are up against. As you might be able to tell, it goes from „easy to talk to“ to „there’s almost no way he’s going to listen to you“. (Mind the almost)

This is what the talk menu looks like for now. You have this bar where the lord’s tendencies are shown, and the textbox below hopefully will have the options choose from sometime tomorrow. And until then I hopefully have characters instead of colored boxes.

So this is what I’m up to. Let’s see how far I’ve come in twelve hours. See ya then,